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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 14, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> he's going to do wonders. i should have studied more in high school. jeff did a lot of studying, though. science and meteorology. let's check in with him. >> a good seven years to get that meteorology degree. let's get a look right now.
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mid level cloud cover crossing the bay area right now. that helped to increase the onshore flow for most of us. bringing temperatures down, not nearly as hot as it was yesterday. still mild for our standards. gilroy at 76, anti-of course at 75. south san jose at 75 degrees. let's take you live to the sky camera network, on this thursday. can't believe it, it's almost the end of the workweek. can you see the overcast skies in the silicon valley. as we travel up north, right toward the golden gate bridge. if this view doesn't say the bay area, i don't know what does. overcast continues here with fog expected for the morning hours. the cold front is immediately offshore we're tracking. no rainfall from the cold front for us. as we continue to get closer, it's going to break apart, this will again keep some milder weather here in the forecast, at least over the next two days, with high pressure building offshore. if you like the 70s we had for today. do expect repeat performances for friday, saturday, into sunday before we start to get
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larger changes. cool at the coast, 50s and 60s in the interior valleys. no 80s coming our way like we had on wednesday. our next best chance of rain is coming as we head throughout tuesday. we fast forwarded to the noon hour mainly cloud cover here. wednesday, wednesday morning. looks like we could have widespread coverage of rainfall, maybe a quarter to a half inch at this point. this is still several days out, time for it to change. there's also been model discrepancies, a decent chance of rain by the mid part of next week. for the morning hours, we'll start with 43 in santa rosa. 48 in san jose, and 52 in los gatos, just like we've had the past couple mornings, we'll start with the fog and get filtered sunshine in here throughout the afternoon, slightly above average in the south bay, 72 in san jose, cooler down to santa cruz with 67. 70 in palo alto. for the east bay, 74 in
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pleasanton. three-day forecast stays dry through sunday. the advertised rain we've been talking about comes back, as we head throughout late tuesday night of next week, spring arrives on wednesday. that's our storm day with potentially once again at least a quarter inch of rainfall. and temperatures going once again from those upper 80s we had yesterday to 60s by next week. just because it's spring, you got spring cleaning going on, don't pack away the jackets just yet. >> happy pi day to you. >> thank you. coming up, a live report from vatican city, where the pope's first day raised some eyebrows, what he said next.
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we have two photos for you, take a look, what a difference eight years makes, way back in 2005, the crowd in rome awaiting the new pope. compare that to last night's crowd awaiting the new pope,
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illuminated, no phones or tablets, last night you see all the tablets in hand. pope francis woke up to a brand new day, his first as pontiff. the new pope celebrated mass in the sistine chapel. >> he said while work toward a goal, there are movements that pull us back. an interesting message for a church that is trying to move forward following a decade of scandal. jay gray continues our coverage live from vatican city. a lot happening even for many noncatholics this is a notable transition. what's going on today? >> raj, good to talk to you. a busy day as you would expect on the first day for pope francis. during the homily, it was seven minutes, he spoke very casually, no notes, all from his head. they will tell you from his heart. about what he believes needs to happen in his church. there were several cases where he spoke about a need for change. evidence of a need for change. that's what a lot of the cardinals who voted for him are
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saying now. that's why he's elected. he's a man that can get in and clean up the corruption. inspire the faithful and bring people back to the pews on sunday. this was the start of that. he's a simple man, his message was simple, and he stuck to those tenets today. still wearing the cross he wore as a bishop in argentina. not the elaborate testaments that you see other popes wear, but only a simple white robe. he wanted to make sure he sent a message with what he wore and what he said today. it's something the vatican says is going to be a primary focus of his papacy. >> speaking of a simple man, he's also a very busy man, jay. what's next on his agenda? >> we know that he's going to meet cardinals again tomorrow, including those who did not have the time to make the requirement to vote for him. we're too old to vote for him. saturday he talks with the media, tuesday, he will have an induction mass right here.
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>> jay gray reporting live for us from rome, thank you for your coverage.
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coming up on our 6:00 newscast, he's coming back to town. details of president obama's next bay area visit and the minimum wage dae bait in san jose. thanks for joining us. "nightly news" is next.
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on our broadcast tonight, a new era for the catholic church. at a crossroads. day one. already the new pope making his mark at the vatican while the celebration continues back home in argentina. sharp questions for the head of the tsa amid growing opposition from all sides over his plan to allow passengers to bring knives on board airplanes. treating breast cancer. a new warning tonight for women about radiation treatments and the risk of heart disease. well, tonight we'll get a reality check from dr. nancy snyderman. and a tough balancing act for working moms and dads. a new look tonight at how things have changed at the office and at home. "nbc nightly news" begins now. vi . captions paid for by nbc-universal television good evening. the history was made yesterday at the vatican. the new papacy got under way today. pope francis getting used to his new life while catholics around
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the world get used to the idea of a new pope. he is already making his mark in ways both big and small. but his choice by the cardinals in the conclave is still the focus of so much of the world's attention. from rome across america south all the way to argentina, we have two reports tonight beginning with nbc's anne thompson at the vatican. anne, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. in just 24 hours, pope francis, the former archbishop of buenos aires put his stamp on the papacy foregoing its privilege and grandeur and making it clear that despite all his other responsibilities, this pope will be a pastor. ♪ >> reporter: from his first mass francis made it clear his will be a different papacy. in his sermon delivered without notes -- [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> reporter: -- francis urged the cardinals who elected him to build the church preaching the gospel or else, he said, they
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